Velvety-vocal Power

“The Voice is somewhat similar to Barry White´s” Eric Conley has just the kind of soul in his voice that is commonly accredited to only a few of the rare Baritone Vocalist. The man with the incomparable deep-velvety voice hails from the American city of Arlington and sang in several successful gospel ensembles in his childhood. For many years, he was active on the Atlanta music scene and went on a US tour with the soul singer and Grammy winner Peabo Bryson. The military service brought him to Germany in the 80s where he has made a name for himself as an excellent soul singer in the years to come.

The sonorous bass and chilling soft timbre of his organ vibrates directly in the pit of your stomach and captures audiences from the first note. Although Barry White was known and famous as an incomparable soul singer with a unique voice, Eric Conley is able to do the seemingly impossible: Close your eyes, lean back and indulge in this voice… The “Maestro” is alive!

As an admirer of the “King of Soft Soul” Eric Conley is taking his great idol back on stage for you – a very personal “Tribute to Barry White”.

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